By Nick Martin, The first thing you need to realize is that the things women find attractive about men, are NOT the same things that men find attractive about women. Men, as you know, are very 'visual' beings - it's usually how a girl looks that sets our pulses racing (amongst other things...)

Women, on the other hand, find men attractive because of their personalities. How many surveys have you seen where women place 'sense of humour' as their number one priority when finding a mate? Quite a few I'd bet. A woman's ideal man is an alpha male that is confident and can take the lead, both in life and with her.

"So how do I get her to like me?" you say, "I'm no alpha male." Well, maybe not yet, but you can learn. Like all the good things in life worth learning, it will take effort and time on your part but, I guarantee, it will definitely be worth it.

Here's a tip if you want a girl to like you - Nonchalance.

You need to display non-attachment to whether the girl likes you or not. Great if she does like you, but if not, there are tons of other fish in the sea. Sure, you may not actually feel like that, but that is the 'act' you have got to convincingly sell. You must place a high value on yourself and never come from a position of neediness.